Winter Lozano CPAs Inc has been committed to helping businesses, professionals, individuals and families navigate the challenges of the tax and regulatory environments successfully since 1979.

Our firm specializes in advising small to mid-size businesses; a range of professionals from healthcare to real estate to law; individuals as well as families. We strive to promote the financial health and independence of our clients by making tax laws work to their advantage. Rather than a burden, we believe the tax code can be used as a tool in the service of long term success.

We bring proficiency and expert knowledge in the preparation of all of our court accountings, thus making the process smooth, accurate, and efficient.

We are also highly regarded for our knowledge and expertise in accountings for:

  • Trusts
  • Conservatorships
  • Estates
  • Guardianships

Additionally, we have years of experience in client representation before the Internal Revenue Service, California Franchise Tax Board, California State Board of Equalization and California Employment Development Department.

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